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Zincirlikuyu- Highlights

Zincirlikuyu is located on the eastern side of Istanbul in the district of Sisli. This region has undergone several redevelopments over time and today is one of the busiest bus hubs in Istanbul.

Sisli is also famous for its historical monuments. One of these is the Zincirlikuyu Cemetery. It consists of a grand mosque which was built by Ibrahim Bodur, who is a famous Turkish business man. This modern burial ground houses the remains of various famous personalities.

About Istanbul City

Istanbul has a rich history of over two thousand years. Istanbul has been the capital city of many empires throughout its period of existence in world history. The modern structures of Istanbul overshadow the rich heritage and culture of Istanbul.  Mansions, mosques, palaces, fountains and monuments of historical importance are spread across Istanbul.
Having a rental car by your side in Zincirlikuyu gives you the liberty to add more places onto your itinerary as well as also plan your stay and traveling routine with ease.

Lots of historical monuments and heritage from Byzantine, Roman and Ottoman empires lie undiscovered in this region. One of the popular tourist destinations is Sulanahmet Meydani. It consists of many historical monuments built by several cultures and civilizations that have existed in this region since ancient times.

Istanbul has many places of tourist interest. Apart from the Zincirlikuyu Cemetery, other places worth visiting here are Goksu Palace, Maslak Pavilions, Maiyet Pavilion and Yildiz Palace.

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