Garenta Car Rental in Turkey at Cheap Prices

Renting a Car in Turkey with Garenta

Child company of the Anadolu Group, Garenta is a car rental brand in Turkey that offers excellent services at the most reasonable prices. Garenta thrives on a global vision and a very well-developed technical infrastructure that focuses on the comfort and convenience of the customers. The company offers both private and corporate renting deals at the most economical rates. The car rental fleet includes various car segments like SUVs, economy, luxury, premium and more with an automatic or manual choice. Garenta’s branches are available throughout the country including all major cities and airports, and also a few downtowns.

Reasons to Book a Car Rental in Turkey with Garenta

  • Add-on products and services are also offered like navigation systems, booster seats, child seats, additional drivers and more.
  • The insurance package included in the deals consists of personal accident insurance, minor casualties insurance and third party liability.
  • Customers can get their queries answered any time of the day as the customer care service is available 24/7 via telephone and email.

Best Deals By Garenta

  • Fiat PandaMini

    TRY 79.89 /day

    Fiat Panda
  • Renault TrafficVan

    TRY 266.32 /day

    Renault Traffic
  • Volkswagen PassatIntermediate

    TRY 150.81 /day

    Volkswagen Passat