Hire a Car in Cankaya’s & Enjoy Beautiful Attractions

Rent a Car in Çankaya, Ankara

Cankaya is a metropolitan district in the Ankara city which is capital of Turkey. It is also administration district for Ankara Province. Travelers often prefer to hire a car at Cankaya. We through our network of top suppliers present easy to book car rental deals in Cankaya at the best prices. Whether you wish to explore its museums, theaters and other cultural attractions or just want to drive around its hilly areas to enjoy beautiful gardens, we give you high quality car rental service in Cankaya. Just rent a car with us and avail a round the clock customer support, collision damage waiver, theft waiver and unlimited kilometers.


About Cankaya

One of the highlights of Cankaya is the presidential palace called as “Cankaya Kosku” where President of Turkey resides. The compound of the palace contains many government departments, embassies and popular landmarks. Located in the heart of the Cankaya City, it is one of the fashionable centers as well as cultural center for the government. Before 1923, Cankaya was just a hillside with gardens and orchards which surrounded Ankara Castle. After 1923, Cankaya has evolved into the largest central regions of Ankara. Car hire at Cankaya means freedom to explore all these at your own.

Many buildings in Cankaya were constructed in Ottoman architecture style. The modern buildings of Cankaya which were recently built are as magnificent as old buildings. Cankaya has many theaters, cultural associations, museums, and much more.  There are many popular neighborhoods of tourists’ interest. Anittepe is one of the prominent neighborhoods. Cebeci is one of its old districts which were used as storage area for Ottoman Empires armory. Cankaya car rental is the best mode of travelling around the district of Cankaya.

One of the prime attractions of Cankaya is Museum of Anatolian Civilizations which is situated near Ankara Castle and it is known for its richness around the world.