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Erzurum – Highlights

The city of Erzurum is tucked away in the Eastern Anatolia region of Turkey. Sitting atop a high plateau of 1950 meters, this province is a popular transfer point for travelers coming to Eastern Turkey. The city seems to look over its peripheries with an air of resplendence so awe-inspiring to the human eye. Travelers can experience low-cost and high-quality Erzurum car rental with us.

The history books point at the existence of this city even in 4000 BC. In fact, this city is most famous for its historical remains from the Anatolia civilization. One of the most popular attractions of this city is the well preserved Byzantine city walls. Other historical finds from this era are housed in the Archaeological Museum which is a part of the Erzurum Museum that is visited by archeology enthusiast and history buffs from around the world. Archeology and history buffs will only find the place titillating their sense of investigation. The cheapest way to move around the city is to make use our Erzurum car hire service.

Do not forget to visit Lake Tortum, 120 kilometers from Erzurum and Mount Palandöken to enjoy breathtaking scenery of the pristine waterfall located at the northern end of the lake. There are a number of opportunities for winter sports in this city. Apart from mountaineering, you can take part in skiing competition in this city as the undulating passages make for great skiing attraction. There are plenty of other sports just as well to keep your adrenalin flowing.

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