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Car Hire in Gocek, Fethiye

We provide the most cost effective car rental services in Gocek. Our company offers lucrative discounts that make your car rental deal in Gocek value for money. Our car hire deals in Gocek are inclusive of all taxes, covers and insurances. Simply mention the time and date you want to pick and drop the car, the planned itinerary and preference of car and penchant towards a model if any and you can complete your booking in three easy steps! In association with popular car suppliers, we offer diverse range of pick up and drop off car rental locations in Gocek.


Gocek – Highlights

Gocek is located in Fethiye district of Turkey. Turkey has always been the burning zone of Eurasian influence on the world. The rise and fall of Constantinople had given turkey its historical meaning and each of its provinces including Gocek became a part of this upheaval. Gocek is steeped in mythology and the famous flight of Icarus has brought the place within the ambit of folklore. During the Ottoman period, Gocek was utilized as a harbor for the passage of chrome ore.

Today, Gocek is the last word on yacht tourism of the area, it has six marinas. Owing to its magnanimous importance in yacht tourism it has been provided the tag of Registered Area of Special Protection. The municipality of Gocek takes care of the Inlice beach. The place is about 10 minutes away from the fringes of Gocek and packs quite a virgin punch. Though tourism provides Gocek with its bread and more, the pastoral idea of living is still embedded within its people. They treat tourists as “guests of god”. Travelers can make use of Gocek car hire service to explore all the attractions of the city.

If you are visiting Gocek, the undulating passageways and lack of proper roads might be an impediment to your traveling plans. Thus, it becomes essential to rent a car in Gocek with us inclusive of GPS and road maps.

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Attractions in Gocek

Central Mosque

Central Mosque

This colorful non conventional mosque is one of the best historic monuments here

Water Front Promenade

Water Front Promenade

Laced with palm trees, this is a scenic promenade in Gocek

Oniki Adalar

Oniki Adalar

These are a set of 12 islands located amidst the mountains

Main Shopping Street

Main Shopping Street

This shopping area sells all kinds of Turkish goods

Top Car Rental Deals in Gocek

  • Mercedes Benz CLALuxury

    TRY 188.84 /day

    Mercedes Benz CLA
  • Renault TrafficVan

    TRY 214.31 /day

    Renault Traffic
  • Fiat LineaStandard

    TRY 88.93 /day

    Fiat Linea
  • Peugeot 301Compact

    TRY 104.57 /day

    Peugeot 301
  • Renault SymbolCompact

    TRY 84.07 /day

    Renault Symbol
  • Nissan QashqaiSUV

    TRY 129.60 /day

    Nissan Qashqai