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Bursa Car Rental

Bursa was made capital of Ottoman Empire before the city of Edirne. Bursa is rapidly growing city of commercial and industrial importance, thus a car rental in Bursa is an easy commuting option for business travelers. There are so many historical treasures in Bursa that are best covered with an economical Bursa car rental from us. Car rental in Bursa with us means range of sedans, hatchbacks, SUVs and wagons from top brands like Ford and more. Book your car rental in Bursa with us now to avail collision damage waiver, insurance and more.


Attractions in Bursa

Muradiye is one of the prime attractions. It is last resting place for several Ottoman Princes and sultans who were laid to rest here. The cemetery garden contains many plane trees which are believed to be thousand year old. The Muradiye cemetery has a grand mosque nearby which is also worth paying a visit. Another famous attraction is Osman-Orhan, the twin mausoleums which belong to Ottoman Empire founders Osman Bey and his son Orhan Bey who conquered Bursa.

Yesil is another well known tourist place. Yesil means green and it is famous for its magnificent mosque which is of turquoise color and also for the internal mausoleum. It was built in sultan Mehmet I’s time.Yesil Turbe is very attractive due to its ceramics, intricate woodworks and interiors. One smaller mosque is situated across the mausoleum. This mosque has the finest example of marble work. This mosque is also called as “Jewel of Bursa” due to its beauty. Car hire in Bursa gives you access to these ancient sights.

There are other places of interests such as Koza Han, which is a shopper’s delight who are looking for silk materials, Bedesten, Yildirim Bayezit Mosque, Orhan Mosque and Emir Sultan. Car rental in bursa is a good way to shop around at your own pace.

Traveling in and around the city and visiting its many interesting places is made hassle free with a Bursa car rental service. Rent a car in Bursa now!