Reach Topkapi Palace with ease by booking a rental car

When in Istanbul, book a rental car through us and get a chance to explore the Topkapi Palace here. Explore every nook and corner of this historic royal residence with Turkey Rental Cars.

Topkapi Palace


Topkapi Palace is a popular building located in the capital city of Istanbul and this palace served as one among the prominent royal residences of the sultans during the Ottoman period for a total of 400 years during their total reigning span of 624 years. This palace was the perfect setting for all royal entertainment as well as state functions and today serves as a popular museum and one among the top- ranked tourist attractions in the country. What makes the Topkapi Palace more relevant to Turkish people is the presence of crucial holy relics of the Muslim world, some of which are Prophet Mohammad’s sword as well as cloak.

This royal palace is also a part of the monuments which are considered under the list of “Historic Areas of Istanbul” and has also become a UNESCO World Heritage Site as of the year 1985.

Visiting Topkapi Palace in a rental car

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A visit to the Topkapi Palace offers a glance into the opulent and carefree lives of the Ottoman era sultans and it is believed to be the starting point from where these sultans carved their way into the Middle East, Africa as well as Europe. The extravagant and lavish decoration of ornaments inside this palace offers a peek into the powerful and effluent Ottoman era. This palace also serves as the focal point of political and social life in Istanbul for several hundreds of years now.

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