Experience the best of Pamukkale with a car hire

Iconic example of Turkey’s diversity and beauty, these travertine pools are best traversed with an all- inclusive rental car by your side. Use our online booking engine today and plan your holiday.



Pamukkale is undoubtedly one of the most popular natural wonders not only in Turkey; rather tourists visiting this country from all parts of the world make it a point to visit and explore these white travertine terraces. Since its eternal creation, Pamukkale has been extensively popular for its gleaming white calcite shelves which are overrun with warm water with an abundance of minerals. The word “Pamuk” translates to cotton in Turkish local dialect and this explains why Pamukkale is also often referred as the Cotton Castle. Not only has this, the stunning setting of these white terraces amidst the surrounding lush green landscapes also added to its beauty.

Experience the best of Pamukkale with a rental car

Another reason for business, leisure and solo travelers to visit Pamukkale is the ruins of Roman Hierapolis which lies at the top of these white calcite hills and offers a great picturesque view to all tourists visiting Pamukkale. Hierapolis is also an ancient Roman city which was popular for its Byzantine spas, which today sports several ruins and is also a museum for all international visitors.

Pamukkale along with the overlying Hierapolis city was declared as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and this has prompted several important measures to be taken in order to protect its glistening travertine terraces as well as the Roman city above. Even though bathing in these travertine pools is restricted as per Turkish tourism laws, it continues to remain one of the most prized tourist attractions in Turkey.

Tourists can hire cars through us for catching a glimpse of the photogenic calcite terraces here along with experiencing a quick soak in the mineral- rich waters. However, the true beauty of these travertines can be experienced at sunset when it is scarcely crowded. From here, travelers can proceed towards the ruins of Laodicea as well as Afrodisias.

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