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Mount Nemrut

Mount-Nemrut-banner Considered as one of the most peculiar archaeological sites in Turkey, Mount Nemrut is a high- rise mountain located towards south- east Turkey and it measures 2,134 meters in height. In Turkey, Nemrut is located nearby the city of Adiyaman and it is believed to be built during the 62 BC when King Antiochus I Theos of Commagene decided to build a tomb- sanctuary entirely covered by huge life- like statues of him, various Greek as well as Persian gods along with two eagles and two lions. These statues were mounted on top of a mountain and this is why they are known as Mount Nemrut collectively.

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What further makes Mount Nemrut a peculiar tourist attraction in Turkey is the fact that the heads have already toppled from their original bodies soon after their construction and today, these can be seen lying scattered across the mountain top. The heads and body remains are not the only thing to look forward to; rather Mount Nemrut’s summit also offers all tourists with a spectacular view of the surrounding mountains.

Travelers can make time from their schedules to visit Nemrut during sunset to catch a glimpse of the beautiful orange hue created on the body- less heads by the rising sun; hence adding a certain sense of mystery and ancient touch to the statues. These giant stone- head statues are also believed to be belonging to the long- forgotten gods of the Roman and Persian era.

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