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Istanbul is geographically divided between two continents of Asia and Europe.  It is one of the most preferred tourist destination in Turkey and a unique place in the world. Influences of European as well as Asian cultures can be seen in the city. A City Office Istanbul car rental  lets you get access to administrative places as well local sights of interest on your own. Business travelers can easily car hire at City Office Istanbul to plan their schedule and stay accordingly. We offer cheap prices for car rental City Office Istanbul to both business travelers and vacationers. Our fleets of cars include sedans, hatchbacks and SUVs, to suit your car hire requirements at City Office, Istanbul.

City Office Istanbul

About Istanbul City

Istanbul has its fair share of modernity, tradition and culture. It has many mosques from ancient times for the historically inclined as well as a great night life with many rocking clubs and discos that cater to more modern tourists. To have a comfortable traveling experience in and around city of Istanbul, a car hire at City Office Istanbul makes a sense.

With several traditional bazaar and modern shops and malls, Istanbul is a shopper’s delight. It is also the place that offers exotic and authentic carpets and rugs. The city is best covered with a car rental from City Office Istanbul.
Istanbul as a city has many fascinating and unique features. It has the unique distinction of being the city that stretches across European and Asian continents. It is the only city in the world to have that feature. Old city of Istanbul is located in European continent and the more modern and happening new city of Istanbul is on Asian continents.

The charm of Istanbul is its wide and huge variety of contradicting characters. The rich and marvelous history has given the city many monuments of Byzantine period, magnificent palaces, ancient churches and mosques, roman bath houses and more famous bazaars. The modern city of Istanbul has many nightclubs and bars, office blocks, elegant suburbs and western styled boutiques. The office blocks contain many government offices also. One of the prominent places is the city office which houses the administrative offices of the city.

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